Live2d Model Art Commissions


Model Comms: Open
Other Comms: Closed
What I can't draw:
- Furries
- Mecha
- Non-humanoid creatures


Base Model Price
- Chibi Model: $350
- Half Body Model: $500
- Full Body Model: $1000
Base Model Price DiscountedThese prices are for models that will be rigged by DevilishNu- Chibi Model: $250
- Half Body Model: $450
- Full Body Model: $950

These are the base prices for my Live2d models. In general there won't be much change to these prices unless your design is excessively complex or you request multiple assets.

Design/Reference Sheet Prices
- Vtuber Design + Model Bundle: $150 (add on to base model price)
- Vtuber Design Only: $200-Clothing Design only: $125-Reference Sheet Only: $95

My vtuber design services include a maximum of 5 free revisions as well as a simple ref sheet. The design + model bundle applies a discount of $50. Clothing designs DO NOT include reference sheets.Reference sheets have a set layout of a full body, half body, chibi, and accessories, please refer to my portfolio for examples.

*For general illustrations I do not have set base prices so please DM if interested. The only commissions I will not do are emotes, chibi art, or excessively complex illustrations.

Terms of Service

- Payment will be conducted with Paypal invoices. Once the price of the commission has been agreed upon, half the payment will be requested upfront if you cannot pay the full amount at the moment. The remaining balance will be due at completion of the commission.
- You must credit me wherever you use the model (Twitter, Twitch, Youtube, etc).
- I reserve the right to decline any commission or stop the commission process if problems occur. I will issue a full to partial refund depending on the amount of work completed at the time. I prioritize model commissions above other types so please keep that in mind when sending an inquiry.
- Any revisions to the design/model must be discussed at every interval of approval, in other words if you have major changes they must be discussed at the beginning. Beyond 5 revisions either during the design or modeling process, I will charge you a fee proportional to the amount of time spent on revisions. An excessive amount of revisions will likely result in stopping the commission process. I will not do major changes at the line art or coloring stage, the only changes I will accept are slight changes to the shade of colors or very minute changes. It is your responsibility to communicate to me exactly what you would like drawn and I will do my best to meet your expectations.-If your model is rigged by someone other than DevilshNu, I am willing to be in contact with your rigger if there needs to be any corrections to the model art in order to make it easier for the rigger.- If you are not commissioning me for a design but still would like a model then please have your design ready at the time of discussing commission prices. If you do not have your design ready at that time then I cannot guarantee a commission slot.
- Estimated completion time depends on each client and whether you have certain things ready at the time of commissioning. I am also chronically ill so please understand if there are delays at times.
- Design Services + Modeling is estimated at 1 month completion time given that revisions are at a minimum.

My WorkflowMy workflow varies from commission to commission but in general it goes as follows: Design confirmation, sketch approval, line art + base colors, rendering, rendering confirmation, model separation, sending PNGs to client and PSD to DevilishNu. If you commission me for a design I will send a Google Drive folder with the model PNGs, reference sheet, and transparent PNG of the front facing fullbody.

Thank you for reading and I'm looking forward to be working with you!!